Shunhuitech is a high-end home building materials operator and service provider committed to the R & D and application of new environmental protection scientific and technological materials, and focusing on the diversified application of super large-size rock board and supporting home customization products.

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At home around the world

Shunhuitech is an independent operation team under Guangdong Shuncheng Ceramics Group, which is known as the "aircraft carrier of Chinese ceramics". Its marketing center and production base are located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, which enjoys the reputation of the ceramic capital of southern China.

The group has strong strength and sits on an intelligent production base of 2.7 million square meters. It is the first in China to introduce international first-class production equipment such as Italy sakmi infinite long rock plate production line, continua + continuous forming process, 38000 ton super large tonnage continuous roller press, Italy System HD 8 + 2 + 2 channel inkjet printer and so on.

  • Production & Research Base Modernization

    The group has strong strength and sits on an intelligent production base of 2.7 million square meters

  • Italy System digital ceramic inkjet machine

  • KOHSTA-Cloud controlled digital kiln

  • Germany CRUSE high resolution scanner, etc

  • AirPower Slim Cover Fast 612

  • Steel roll pressing system

  • CLC-Intelligent CNC polishing and ball milling system

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